1239445_557948164260783_1383105435_n    Keyi Ruan is now an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering at Cornell University.Though an electrical and computer engineering major, Keyi has huge interests in media art and drawing. When she was in high school in Vancouver, she learned to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign in design and photography classes. She applied her skills into school yearbook design as an editor of the yearbook. Her layout design won the second place of FutureBook Layout Design. In 2012, she started to learn about filmmaking and founded a community youth film project called UNA Youth Film Project. She led a group of youth to create short films that reflected youth perspectives on social issues. Under her leadership, the project has released two short films in the community and received great success by 2014 when she left for university.Through this opportunity, Keyi acquired skills in film editing and accumulated experience in filmmaking. In March and July 2014, Keyi helped arranged two youth art charity exhibitions in Vancouver.  As one of the curators of the exhibitions, she helped the youth making documentaries, preparing exhibition tickets and brochures and finding locations. After entering university, Keyi started to design websites and logos for individual artists, organizations and small businesses. Keyi is now a videographer under the Multimedia department of Cornell Daily Sun.